Unique in Germany with the TÜV

Carbon neutral company by naureOffice,
with the TÜV Proficert-Plus certification

natureOffice and TÜV Hessen will make your company carbon neutral. This will help your external communication by showing your responsibility and documenting your sustainable company policy. 


In addition to the advantage of having a new or better environmental strategy for your company, the TÜV Proficert-Plus certification will give you internal and external benefits. We will achieve process optimization with active and sustainable climate protection.

Clear Structures

Having completed the audit will give you clear structures regarding company processes and quality control. You will work out your own “company manual” which will provide useful insights into the optimization of intern processes to you and new colleagues especially. There are positive extern aspects as well, since error rates in production will go down and reclamations and customer inquiries will decrease.       

Focusing on quality

This new and clear focus on quality management will help you to acquire new clients. With natureOffice you can combine active and sustainable climate protection with growth and stability for your company.

The certificate

After the audit you will receive a certificate by natureOffice proving the participation in the “carbon neutral company” module and specifying the amount of emissions which have been set off. Moreover, you will get the TÜV PROFiCERT-Plus certificate by TÜV Hessen confirming the compliance to the existing guidelines.

The process

First, your company’s carbon footprint will be calculated. This step includes the measurement of all relevant data concerning CO2 emissions. The consumption of electricity and energy and transportation of your employees are the main factors of CO2 emission. In addition, we collect data on company and site specific consumption rates. Moreover, we check your company’s quality and corporate objectives which then are evaluated in a second step by the TÜV. This evaluation, as well as the calculation of the carbon footprint is carried out on the basis of TÜV’s PROFiCERT-plus process which in turn is based on the DIN 9001.    

Quality will lead to transparency

If you and your company want to get involved in climate protection, credibility and transparency are key factors for your success. By working with a competent partner, using an approved process (considering national and international guidelines) and an applying an active reduction strategy, your commitment will be noticed by your clients. 

Detect saving potentials

In addition to that, natureOffice offers an energy efficiency analysis. In cooperation with TÜV Hessen, we will expose potentials for optimization and cost savings in your company. The energy efficiency analysis will be carried out by the TÜV at your company site and can be funded by up to 80 percent by the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) (depending on size and revenue of your company). 

The label „carbon neutral“

Carbon neutrality requires transparency. That’s why every carbon neutral company receives its own tracking number and the well-known logo, which gives your clients and business partners the chance to assure themselves of your commitment and get information about the climate project which has been used for compensation.   


Your contact
Herr Andreas Weckwert
Telefon 069 - 173 20 20 0
E-mail  info@natureoffice.com