More customers, more climate protection

According to a survey,
“carbon neutral print production” by natureOffice
is the best-known label concerning
carbon neutral printing.

Fact number one... 

A survey conducted by the online print provider shows that print media consumers have been informing themselves about sustainability topics quite extensively in recent years.
The group of 2,343 participants which has been interviewed is made up of 60.4 percent of print and media providers, 32.4 percent of advertising agencies and others.

With 39.6 percent, the carbon neutral printing certificate by natureOffice is being rated more important than comparable certificates and labels on the market.

Fact number two...

“The demand for carbon neutrally produced print media according to the process by natureOffice is increasing rapidly.” says Christian Klein, natureOffice product manager and chairman of the DIN committee “environmental compatibility of print products”.

With carbon neutral printing you can address new and existing customers in a completely new way. Promoting a sustainable way of managing one’s media production can also help you to approach the existing pressure on prices more flexibly. Carbon neutral printing is the perfect tool to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

That’s why natureOffice is the perfect partner for you!

We support you on your way to carbon neutrality. Whether it is courses and trainings for your sales team, lectures at customer meetings or a presentation about carbon neutral printing for your key clients – we offer what you are looking for. With the services provided by natureOffice you can approach your customers effectively and confidently with the topic of climate protection. 

Not only at the beginning, but also during the whole process of our collaboration, we support you with our expertise. No matter whether there are questions concerning the required material collection or possibilities to integrate the process into your data processing system  - our personnel are glad to assist you.

The smartest ideas for the best process.

natureOffice has been and still is the driving force in the market. Whether it is the online calculation tool, the ID tracking number, the cost-free API or Soap-interface for your computer system or the QR code – all these innovations have been introduced by natureOffice. Our long-standing experience enables us to implement the process in your business within only few days. You can start right away and offer your customers carbon neutral printing. Naturally, the whole process has been validated by an independent third party. This has first been conducted in 2009 by the environmental institute BiFa in Augsburg, Germany. Holding the chair in the national DIN 16759 committee for “environmental compatibility of print products” and as a member in the international ISO 16759 committee, we will be able to provide you with up-to-date information at any time.     

Web offset printing, sheet-fed printing, digital printing, screen printing, flexo printing, newspaper printing

No matter whether you have specialized in web offset printing, sheet-fed offset printing, screen printing or flexoprinting – we are experts on all fields. After having calculated a carbon footprint for your printing press, the data will be saved in our management platform natureBalance. natureBalance is adapted to our customers’ need and makes carbon neutral printing easy, manageable and efficient. By using natureBalance you can calculate print products within a matter of minutes. You can decide whether you want to use the platform online or via an interface with your data processing system. Both options are easy and efficient. 

You can use natureBalance to create custom-made offers to your clients. By providing a wide range of climate protection projects, your customer can choose freely how to compensate the CO2-emission of the print process. This will allow you to engage your clients into the process easily.

Real-time provision of certificate and logo.

You can utilize the logo as well as the certificate right away – no delays guaranteed. Every order which is printed carbon neutrally, receives its own ID number, which proves its authenticity. The identification number provides permanent transparency, safety and reliability.

Carbon neutral print products in 32 languages.

In addition to the German version of the logo, we offer 31 extra languages. This feature allows you to address international customers, as well. You can offer country specific version of the logo “carbon neutral print production”. 

Controlling the costs.

Dependable and fast – this is how we like to describe our service. natureOffice is always just an email or a phone call away. Customer satisfaction is what matters most to us – 12 hours a day. You should not ask for the lowest price but for the partner who helps you to successfully implement the process.

Transparent climate projects

PROJECT TOGO not only is the most transparent climate project (Gold Standard), but it also provides additional benefits for your customers. This project offers the highest safety standards to you and is the perfect tool for a successful external communication to your clients.





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4 Sites

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4 Sites

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135g und 200g



Wood free coated

Wood free coated


0,172 t CO2

0,574 t CO2

1,127 t CO2


2,84 €

9,47 €

18,60 €

The Label „Carbon neutral“

Carbon neutrality requires transparency. Every product which has been printed carbon neutrally receives its own tracking number and the well-known logo, which is a reward for your commitment.

Want to learn more?

Here you can download our brochure „Carbon neutral print productions“ to learn how you can acquire customers and protect the climate.

Software interfaces

We provide all types of software interfaces: REST-API & Soap-API – for MIS or your internet portal. If necessary we will come up with an individual solution for your system.  


Your contact person:
Herr Andreas Weckwert
Telefon 069 - 173 20 20 0
Martin Piszczek
Druckstudio GmbH

„Carbon neutral printing is an important part of our CSR strategy. natureOffice does not just offer a business model, but the credibility and transparency our customers appreciate.”  
Joachim Beigel CEO Colordruck Leimen GmbH

„Carbon neutral printing has been and will be an important topic for us. We chose natureOffice as a partner because their process proved to be smart and innovative. 

The procedure

The procedure used by natureOffice starts by calculating all direct and indirect CO2 emissions which are created during the printing process. Emissions are then compensated for by buying and retiring approved emission reduction certificates. Then your print product is carbon neutral. Emissions which are considered include all steps of production from cradle to grave: Paper production, transportation, finishing and distribution.