We are your partner in the hotel and restaurant industry

 Carbon neutral accomodation is an additional offer to
the rising number of customers who are willing to make
a contribution to climate protection during their holydays.

natureOffice is the perfect partner for all matters concerning sustainability in the hotel and restaurant industry. You can profit from our extensive experience in the fields of reduction strategies, energy efficiency, CO2 compensation and climate projects as well as the practical knowledge of our team.

Taking a clear position

Being not only a major source of emissions but also a sufferer of global warming, the hotel sector is a pioneer in many aspects of social change, already today. Regarding the potential tensions between environmental protection and conventional tourism, the development of sustainable forms of tourism offers attractive alternatives as well as the possibility to take a clear position towards climate protection.

Position yourself towards new customer groups as an innovative and forward-looking company.

Small input – big effect

Whether a guest wants to set off the emissions of his stay is his own decision. In general, the price premium for the compensation does not exceed Euro 0.50 per night. This amount will then be invested into the chosen climate project.

The process follows international standards

The first step is to evaluate the carbon footprint according to our well established calculation process. This process is based on the data which are collected via a special data sheet. Our team of scientist then analyses the data – the final result is your corporate carbon footprint.

You will also receive an evaluation report to show you where emissions are emitted and how to realize potential savings. 

The next step is to calculate the respective emissions per stay and per guest on the basis of the carbon footprint. This will enable you to offer each guest individually to set off his emissions and spend the night in your hotel completely carbon neutral. This model helps you to avoid the typically high costs of setting off your entire emissions yourself, since you can pass on a part of the costs to your customers.  

According to a current study, 85.2 percent of consumers are willing to pay a price premium for environmentally-friendly products and services. 

The label „carbon neutral“

Carbon neutrality requires transparency. That’s why every carbon neutral accomodation receives its own tracking number and the well-known logo, which gives your clients and business partners the chance to assure themselves of your commitment and get information about the climate project which has been used for compensation.