Distinguish yourself from competitors

More and more customers prefer companies
which have a clear, transparent and
credible position towards climate protection.

According to various leading consumer research institutes, the number of consumers who include environmental aspects into their buying decision is raising constantly. Goods which have been produced with organic resources or carbon neutrally profit from this development.

An increasing number of companies are realizing that this trend demonstrates consumers’ preferences and are developing strategies to access this market rapidly. The range of carbon neutral products includes glasses, paper bags, video and music cards, printing plant devices and entire machines.

In principle, the possibilities of carbon neutral products are limitless. Whether it’s only one batch, a single product, a product range or your entire assortment – you decide the scope of your commitment. 

If requested, the carbon neutrality of a product can be controlled by and certified with the PROFiCERT-plus concept by our partner, TÜV Hessen.  

Our calculations follow international standards.

Our emission calculations follow the ISO 14001 guidelines and the Green House Gas (GHG) protocol. These standards guarantee exact calculation on an international level and offer security and transparency. There is a study which follows up this topic and allows you to integrate your commitment into your sustainability strategy and present it to your clients and business partners.

Identify potentials for reductions

If you are dealing with setting off the emissions of your products, the question of where reduction potentials lie will come up automatically. natureOffice will assist you in finding the right solution. With process management and energy efficiency experts.  

The carbon footprint

The basis of a carbon neutral product is its carbon footprint which is calculated by out scientists. This step describes the estimation and coverage of all relevant data during production processes. Here we emphasize on branch-specific consumption since no branch is like the other. 

Offsetting emissions

In a second step the calculated emissions are set off. The compensation occurs by buying CO2 reduction certificates from climate projects. natureOffice offers projects with the highest standards.

Clear external communication

High standards and scientific studies help your company to successfully communicate your commitment for environmental protection. While other companies are only talking about sustainability you can create some facts. This helps you to approach customers directly and acquire new clients.

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The label „carbon neutral“

Carbon neutrality requires transparency. That’s why every carbon neutral company receives its own tracking number and the well-known logo, which gives your clients and business partners the chance to assure themselves of your commitment and get information about the climate project which has been used for compensation.

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CO2 emission balance

The CO2 emission balance is the basis for the calculation of the carbon footprint of a product, a lifecycle, a process or a company’s activity in general. The analysis of this calculation is the reference for reduction and avoidance strategies and the baseline for a performance management over many years.