Simple and Safe

Now we can offer a simple and safe option to offset you cars emissions by joining our Carbon Neutral Mobility campaign at

How does it work? 

For the money you spend for the seal you purchase US based Carbon Offsets that absorb the CO2 your vehicle creates. All we need to know from you is how many miles you drive a year, choose a seal that fits the mileage and we do the rest. We purposely use exclusively US based projects to keep the money you spend in the country. To offset emissions it does not matter where on the planet we buy, but we believe it is good business to keep the money in the USA.

Each seal comes with an individual tracking number. This tracking number assures you that your investment truly ends up where promised. We ship the Seal with a certificate that displays in detail your commitment to the environment and how you invested your money.

What is it?

The 3 inch in diameter, round cling seal to be adhered inside a windshield. The seal is marked individually with a registration number for anyone interested to find how the car emissions are being offset. This is done through our website also indentified on the decal.

The displayed decal is proof that the owner of the vehicle is participating in voluntary climate protection. The system is successfully working in Europe and the tracking of the offsets is done in Germany due to the tighter restrictions than in the US. Yes, we like tougher restrictions, this allows our customers to rest assured that the money spend truly is used for the purpose intended.

What is Delta Reforestation?

Mississippi Delta reforestation project covers a total area of 100,000 acres, 1,200,000 trees are planted to protect the nations largest watershed. With over one million tons of carbon offsets it creates well over 200 jobs. more...

What is Truck Stop?

Over 1,000,000 trucks have to take a break every day. In order to sustain the drivers comfort the trucks engine is running. This project allows the truck to be turned off due to more efficient auxiliary systems. more...


Do you have questions concerning our services or climate projects? Are you interested in positioning your company as responsible, green and sustainable? Our team will be happy to assist you. Click here to send us an e-mail.