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Sustainability is a mega trend which the industry acts upon.
From the customers’ perspective, this topic gains more and more relevance.
It shows that the branch has to follow this development in order
to secure our future in the long run. 

Ray Bloom,  CEO and founder of Imex Group

The trend is headed towards “green meetings & event” 

Social change and global warming have caused a rising demand for carbon neutral products. In the event segment so called “green meetings” have been gaining popularity, as well.

Number one conference area Germany

Next to numerous company events, meetings, conferences and congresses, Germany is host to thousands of sports events, fairs, wine festivals, concerts, exhibitions, theater performances and so on.

Just like in other fields, Germany sets the highest international standards for these kind of events. This is a major sales argument and has positive effects on the image. Germany is number two behind the United States and in front of the UK in this worldwide ranking.

An innovative process

Carbon neutrality of events means that all emissions which are related to a meeting or conference which cannot be reduced in advance are set off by investing in climate projects.

Have you already taken all possible measures to reduce emissions? These are your next steps:

  • Gain access to our online calculation system
  • Calculate your event’s carbon footprint and the costs for the compensation
  • Set off your emissions by buying reduction units from our portfolio of premium climate projects
  • Receive a certificate, indicating the compensated amount of emissions, as well as the logo and a tracking number to openly demonstrate your commitment for climate protection.

Little money, big effect

As an organizer for any kind of events you get access to our innovative and easy-to-operate calculation system. The costs for the compensation of emissions depend on the type and size of the event. At the end of each month those costs will be brought to account – this way, costs will be transparent and well documented at any time.

If your company is planning to offset the emissions of one particular event, contact us! You will receive a written offer for the compensation of all relevant emissions, right away. The costs of the compensation also depend on the type of climate project you choose. 

Offsetting emission with the most transparent climate project.

PROJECT TOGO is the preferred project when it comes to combining climate protection, transparency and additional social benefits and communicating your commitment publicly. Your event will not only gain from your voluntary commitment but also from the fact that emissions have been compensated for with PROJECT TOGO.

Deutschland plus is a combination of certified climate protection and transparent commitment in Germany. With this portfolio you can choose from the regions Alps, Roehn, Hunsrueck, Werdohl and Zechliner Huette. More information on the projects in Germany on 

Cost examples with three different types of events: 

  small event  medium event big event

number of participants

50 participants 150 participants 1900 participants
ø journey way 50 km 150 km 150 km
event space 200 m2 450 m2 2100 m2
catering 3x 5x and overnight stay no
Emissions 1,68 t CO2 14,97 t CO2 142,89 t CO2
total cost  36,12 €  321,85 € 3.072,13 €
Costen per participant 0,72 € 2,15 €  1,61 €


The Label "carbon neutral"

Carbon neutrality requires transparency. That’s why every carbon neutral event receives its own tracking number. Companies and consumers can use this number to get information about the climate project and the amount of emissions reduced.

Deutschland plus

Climate protection in our homeland. Why not choose a local climate project to compensate for a local event? Learn more.

The Certificate

Every carbon neutral event receives a certificate informing about the amount of reduced and compensated emissions. Our scope reaches from small private events to carbon neutral exhibition performances. On this certificate you can see that Heidelberg Printing Machines AG set off more than 6,500 t of CO2 for their performance at Drupa 2012.