Your dedication and our expertise

 Companies profit from our expertise and
the years of experience in implementing
climate protection and sustainability projects.

With your business objectives as a basis, we develop and implement climate protection strategies. Our main focus lies on creating measurable and lasting results in order to maximize our customers’ gain. 

Through a reliable partnership with natureOffice you will profit from our advice, our custom-made solutions and our network.

We analyze how your company is positioned in terms of corporate social responsibility.

We develop climate protection strategies which guarantee that your environmental commitment is in line with your business goals and the basis for a sustainable corporate development. 

Change begins in the mind

Environmental awareness begins in the mind. In the mind of the management, the employees, the business partners and the suppliers. Especially, when it comes to introducing new strategies, a broad sensitization for environmental awareness is a key factor.  Invite us to communicate these topics to your employees and suppliers. We will be happy to present the following topics in your company:
  • Climate change and climate protection
  • Carbon neutral printing as part of a sustainable media production
  • FSC / PEFC certification
  • Ecological and sustainable material procurement
  • Corporate environmental management

Your individual climate protection strategy can influence all parts of your enterprise and measures can vary significantly regarding content and extent. To guarantee a smooth process, your executive management has to understand the matter, support the implementation and act as role models, themselves. To be able to communicate your environmental commitment openly, you should think about the quantitative and qualitative evaluation and the reporting of your actions, right from the start.  

Profit from our network

During the implementation of an energy efficiency analysis you can profit from the years of experience of our partner, TÜV Hessen. For printing plants we offer a material flow analysis in cooperation with Heidelberg Print Machines AG.  


More information

Download our new brochure „Good business climate” and learn more how to combine business growth and climate protection.


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Good reasons for a good CSR strategy

Because of the awareness and sensitivity of the public it is getting increasingly important for companies to communicate their actions openly in sustainability reports. A change in consumer demands and a very sensitive public have resulted in a shift of companies’ behavior which has been conceived impossible some years ago. By acting responsibly towards the environment and the society likewise, companies have been able to improve their image. Internal social responsibility and an emphasis on “we” instead of “I” have improved the working atmosphere and the productivity.