Carbon neutral company and TÜV

Carbon neutrality is a quality label. Use it to position your company as sustainable and responsible. We offer the right solutions.  

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Carbon neutral company events

Do you want to communicate your company’s new green focus to your clients and business partners? Use your next event to do so.

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Carbon neutral printing for companies

You will reach most of your customers with your print media. Use it to communicate your environmental commitment. We will show you how you can profit from it. 

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Solutions for companies

natureOffice will show you the right way
to credible climate protection –
no matter what business sector you are in.

Sustainability and climate protection are gaining relevance in all industries, worldwide. Customers attach great importance to the topic, already today. A rising number of companies, public institutions and above all consumers prefer products which have a small carbon footprint. No matter whether a business has a business to business (B2B) or business to customer (B2C) orientation – carbon neutrality is a topic any company can profit from. natureOffice will support you to create and implement individual climate protection solutions. 

Get involved

natureOffice’s flexible climate protection concept can be easily adapted to your individual needs. With our custom-made solutions we will always find the right strategies which fits to you and your business. Fast, innovative and creative – natureOffice will help you to reach your emission reduction goals. The first step towards a sustainable climate protection strategy is to determine the course of action. Subsequently, you can choose from a wide range of climate protection measures.     

Become a carbon neutral company

In cooperation with the TÜV Hessen, natureOffice offers the consulting module „carbon neutral company“. As a part of a sustainable and green corporate policy, you can use this measure to put your commitment for climate protection into effect. With natureOffice you can use climate protection as an advantage for your company.

You will not only be able to reduce costs with a more efficient way of using your resources - your commitment for climate protection will also have a positive influence on your image.  

Living climate protection

Set off the emissions of your products and profit from an unrivaled benefit. According to the study “The Topology of Desires” by the IMUK institute, 86% of all consumers are willing to pay more for products which have a positive effect on climate protection. Moreover, 4 out of 5 respondents ask for advertisements with more information on the sustainability of a product. A clear advantage for companies which offer sustainable options to their clients.   

Communicate climate protection

Do you want to present your company’s new position to the public? Use the next fair to do so. With natureOffice you can offset the emissions of a fair, an event or any kind of meeting to convince all participants of your commitment. The “carbon neutral event” will allow you to impressively display your company as responsible, green and sustainable.     

Mobility one step ahead.

Mobility is important. Climate protection is a good thing. The one who connects both can cause sustainable change. To reduce expenditure, raise income and to protect the climate. 

In order to show your clients your company’s environmental awareness in an easy and cost effective way, natureOffice and the TÜV Hessen developed a strategy to incorporate mobility and climate protection. Set off your car pool’s emission with natureOffice.

Custom-made solutions for demanding clients

Environmental awareness starts out in the mind. In the minds of the management, the employees, the business partners and the suppliers. If you are asking for an individual and holistic approach, we offer our consulting program about carbon neutrality and sustainability. In cooperation with our partners, we offer custom-made solutions for your company. Invite us to communicate these topics to your employees and suppliers. Consulting to us is more than a simple consultation. We will work with you at eye level to analyze the situation, develop a strategy and implement the measures.  

The gains of energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is not only necessary due to its effect on the climate. From a corporate perspective, the high energy costs ask for a smart and cost-saving use of energy. With the years of experience of our experts, we will be able to expose potentials for optimization and cost savings. In addition, our energy efficiency analysis is being funded by up to 80 percent by the Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau (KfW).  



Our Partner

In cooperation with our partner, TÜV Hessen, we are the only provider in Germany who offers a maximum of security and reliability in all our processes.


Do you have questions concerning our services or climate projects? Are you interested in positioning your company as responsible, green and sustainable? Our team will be happy to assist you.Click here to send us an e-mail.

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