Carbon neutral printing

Carbon neutral printing is a cost-effective and personable access to voluntary climate protection. Take advantage of the well-known process by natureOffice. Gain from more customer loyalty and the opportunity to offer additional value to your clients.

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FSC / PEFC certification

With natureOffice and our partners you are able to receive the ecological FSC / PEFC product-chain-certification – easy, fast and cost-effective. This will successfully extend your environmental strategy.

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Energy efficiency analysis

This consultation strategy by our partner helps you to expose energy saving potentials and cut your costs. The energy efficiency analysis is being funded by up to 80 percent by KfW.

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Solutions for printers

natureOffice is the best know label
for carbon neutral printing

natureOffice is the perfect partner for you. We handle all printing processes and offer competent and personal consulting – if desired at your site. We will show you how you can profit from carbon neutrality and offer additional value to your customers. The carbon neutral printing process by natureOffice is cost-effective, innovative and can be implemented right away (usually in no more than 2 business days).
natureOffice holds the chair in the DIN and ISO committee “environmental compatibility of print products”. With our expertise we guarantee the best processes.

Climate protection is not only important for our eco system but it has a fundamental importance from a marketing point of view. Carbon neutral printing is an opportunity for printers and an additional benefit for your customers.

Already today, topics like sustainability and climate protection are of great importance for private consumption. As a consequence, an increasing number of companies are presenting themselves as green and sustainable to attract customers. Carbon neutrally printed brochures and catalogues are common ways to reach this goal. More and more companies, cities and communities are demanding carbon neutral print products. Moreover, it is required in an increasing number of order tenders. 

Tap new potentials

Nutzen Sie diese Entwicklung und werben Sie bei Ihren Kunden mit klimaneutralen Drucksachen. Bieten Sie Ihren Klienten die Möglichkeiten, auf die sie vielleicht schon gewartet haben und sichern Sie sich Ihre Marktposition für die Zukunft. Was für Sie nur eine geringfügige Umstellung bedeutet, stellt für Unternehmen einen immensen Mehrwert dar.

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natureOffice’s flexible climate protection concept can be easily adapted to your individual needs. With our custom-made solutions we will always find the right strategies which fit to you and your business.

Set off emissions

By offering carbon neutral printing to your customers, they will have the opportunity to offset their print emissions with your service. What might only be a small change in your production line implies a significant image improvement for your clients.  

Optimize your processes

From our experience, there are multiple possibilities to increase the production efficiency in a printing plant. Changing from air to water cooling or installing a heat-recovery-system can results in significant cost and energy savings. Take advantage of our intern and extern expertise and expose potential savings.  

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is not only necessary due to its effect on the climate. From a corporate perspective, the high energy costs ask for a smart and cost-saving use of energy. With the years of experience of our print production experts, we will be able to expose potentials for optimization and cost savings in your printing plant. In addition, our energy efficiency analysis is being funded by up to 80 percent by the Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau (KfW). We will assist you in all application processes, as well. 

The Label „Carbon neutral“

Carbon neutrality requires transparency. Every product which has been printed carbon neutrally receives its own tracking number and the well-known logo, which is a reward for your commitment.

Want to learn more?

Here you can download our brochure „Carbon neutral print productions“ to learn how you can acquire customers and protect the climate.
Martin Piszczek
Druckstudio GmbH

„Carbon neutral printing is an important part of our CSR strategy. natureOffice does not just offer a business model, but the credibility and transparency our customers appreciate.”  
Joachim Beigel CEO Colordruck Leimen GmbH

„Carbon neutral printing has been and will be an important topic for us. We chose natureOffice as a partner because their process proved to be smart and innovative. 


Do you have questions concerning our services or climate projects? Are you interested in positioning your company as responsible, green and sustainable? Our team will be happy to assist you.Click here to send us an e-mail.