Efficient stoves increase the self-esteem

The project „La buena cocina“ (the good kitchen) is located in San Pedro which is the biggest district in eastern Paraguay. The people who live here depend on agriculture, livestock breeding and forestry. The project includes the two city districts Chore and Cruce Liberación, which give home to about 40,000 people.

The people who profit from this project are micro farmers who live in San Pedro, one of the poorest regions of the country. 80 percent of the inhabitants of San Pedro live in rural areas with an average of five members per family. The family farms are typically not very modern and unproductive. 

Improving the living conditions for 300 families

Before the project was launched, the local people prepared their meals in the traditional way over an open five. Using this method is very ineffective though, because 80 % of the energy is lost. When rain falls, families simply cook inside their houses. This leads to extreme smoke generation which often causes chronic diseases of the respiratory tracts. By installing 300 energy efficient cooking stoves, 12,600 tons of CO2 emissions will be set off over a period of 7 years. Moreover, the consumption of fire wood is reduced and deforestation declines.

In addition to reducing emissions and resources, the project improves the quality of life of the people in the project region. Health threatening fumes are reduced and women are able to cook in a more comfortable position which can reduce back problems. Studies have also shown that the more upright position not only influences the health of the women but that it also affects the self-esteem.

Voluntary climate protection is gaining ground in Paraguay

What is even more motivating about this project is that we were able to convince many companies in Paraguay to get engaged in climate protection measures themselves. One example is Visión Banco, a bank group which will set off all emissions of their headquarters as well as all branch offices in the country. Other companies have promised to participate as well. This project will help to boost CO2 compensation as a means of voluntary climate protection.

Our partner

In Paraguay natureOffice cooperates with MEDA-Paraguay, a non-profit organization which has been founded by leading companies and experts in 2001. MEDA’s philosophy is based on Christian ideals such as solidarity, cooperation and an engagement for the socio-economic development of the country.

More information

Download the project description for "La Buena Cocina" here to learn more about the climate project in Paraguay (Spanish).


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