Our Portfolio

When it comes to CO2 compensation, a true commitment for sustainability begins with the deliberate choice of the climate project. All our climate projects have been certified by the Gold Standard and thus guarantee quality and credibility. Projects like PROJECT TOGO offer an extraordinary amount of so-called co-benefits, which are demonstrated by the many social projects which are implemented in Togo. Consequently, we offer not only transparent climate protection but means of communication which go far beyond other climate projects.

Truck Stop

Location: Handerson, NV

Over 1,000,000 trucks have to take a break every day. In order to sustain the drivers comfort the trucks engine is running. This project allows the truck to be turned off due to more efficient auxiliary systems.

Portfolio (en)

Location: Türkei, Togo, Taiwan und China

Das natureOffice Klimaschutz Portfolio ist eine Sammlung an Klimaschutzprojekten die alle Gold Standard (VER) zertifiziert sind. Dabei vereinet natureOffice im Portfolio 20% Wasserkraft in der Türkei, 20% Windenergie aus Taiwan, 20% Biomasse aus China und 40% Aufforstung in Togo.

HMI Native Forest Carbon Sequestration

Location: Hawaii, USA

Hawaiian Mahogany, Inc. (HMI) is a pioneer in the world of sustainable agro-forestry. Since its inception in 1996, our mission has been to create and grow a fully sustainable integrated timber plantation on the island of Kauai. HMI will be inspected by natureOffice Germany in March 2016.

Biomass Fuel Switching Project

Location: Wiggins, Mississippi, USA

As a fuel switch operation, standard projects qualify to earn approximately 20,000 tCO2e/yr greenhouse gas offsets under VCS 2007 using existing CDM methodologies.

The Tracking Number

In order to inform your clients about your commitment to climate protection, every logo has a tracking number. With this number your customers or business partners are able to follow the height of emissions which have been set off as well as the type of project which has been used by your company.